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PetDoc2U Mobile Veterinary Clinic's philosophy of providing veterinary care and how we can help you is described below.  We believe in transparency for everything related to our Encinitas mobile veterinary clinic, including information on prices, payment policies and what to expect during your visit. We also do not believe in upselling or pressuring you to purchase items or services you do not need. Our goal is to provide you with information to make an informed decision based on your unique circumstances and be there when you or your pet needs us.  


Your At Home Visit

We want your pet to have the best veterinary care available with the least amount of distress. With an at home veterinary visit there are no crowded waiting rooms, scary noises or smells.  The veterinary appointment starts as soon as we arrive.   Cats and some dogs prefer not to leave and are most comfortable inside their home.  We are happy to come inside your home and do as much of the veterinary care as possible right there, where your pet is relaxed and stress free. If your pet loves to go for rides, we find that many dogs will willingly jump into our van.  There is always a treat jar with goodies to make the visit in the van more pleasurable for your pet.

We take our time getting to know you and your pet to put both of you at ease.  It makes our job easier and makes you and your pet happier. Additionally, a calm pet will be less likely to hide or mask signs that are crucial for the veterinarian to properly assess them and come to an accurate diagnosis.  How often has your pet shown signs of illness that magically disappear once then are taken to the vet's office?  This is a natural defense response that animals use to protect themselves in stressful situations.  Our methods, developed especially for a mobile veterinary service, are designed to maximize coming to the correct diagnosis quickly and accurately with minimal pain and distress and minimal invasive or costly tests.  We practice medicine by combining state-of-the-art veterinary medical equipment, diagnostics and current therapies with the old fashioned housecall way of visiting the patient in their own environment.

How We Practice Medicine

You will also be pleasantly surprised at how much Dr. Spray, DVM, DACLAM  is directly involved in your pet's care.  Because of the unique nature of mobile veterinary care, the veterinarian is much more hands on in the care and management of your pet's veterinary visit. For example, tasks such as blood draws, all dental procedures, and teeth cleaning and all components of the physical examination are performed by the veterinarian. A veterinary assistant is always available to assist in procedures that require an additional set of hands.

As advanced as our mobile veterinary clinic is, there are certain things we simply cannot and won't do. Major surgery is one of them.  We do not do any surgical procedure that requires a sterile operating room because it is impossible to achieve and maintain the highly sterile environment necessary.  We can, however, perform minor surgical procedures such as skin mass removals, abscess draining, ear flushing and treatment, foxtail removal, etc.  We use state of the art balanced anesthesia techniques and medicines to achieve the therapeutic goal with minimal risk and maximal comfort for your pet.  We also have the latest monitoring equipment with trending capabilities to very closely monitor your pet while under anesthesia.  Once the procedure is completed, your pet is awakened from anesthesia and continually monitored until full awake and able to walk on its own.  Based on the minimally invasive procedures we do perform, recovery is usually very rapid and your pet is back in the comfort of home very quickly.  

In some circumstances, Dr. Spray, DVM, DACLAM will refer you to a specialist who has advanced expertise in areas such as internal medicine or surgery.  

What About Cost? Sounds Expensive!

Quality veterinary care is not cheap.  Our fees are comparable to any high quality veterinary hospital. However, we provide a much higher value for your pet's veterinary care dollars. As indicated above, the veterinarian is directly involved in all aspects of the care your pet receives.  Care and procedures are not delegated to a technician.  We plan for 5-7 calls per day compared to 30+ calls per day in a busy veterinary hospital practice.  This allows time for travel between calls and time for the veterinarian to get to know you and your pet.  We do as much of our diagnostic testing as we can right in our mobile clinic at your home.  This means quick results and resolution to your pet's medical concerns while you wait.  We have an on board pharmacy which means we can fill a prescription at the time of your visit.  

Visiting you at home means convenience for you especially if you have to:

  • arrange for a ride to take your pet to the vet
  • need to arrange for a baby sitter
  • have multiple pets
  • your pets don't like to ride in the car
  • they don't like other pets
  • or many other reasons.

It is the convenience and the quality of medicine we perform that provides value to you.  

You get so much more when we care for your pets.

North San Diego County's Premier Mobile Veterinary Service!

We are a full service mobile veterinary clinic performing most veterinary care procedures right in your home or in your driveway.

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