In Home Euthanasia

At Home Euthanasia

Helping a pet to pass is a hard  thing to do and an agonizing decision to make. Sometimes, however, euthanasia is our last act of kindness we perform for them.

Our pets give us clues as to their quality of life and discomfort:

  •     Is my pet having difficulty walking?
  •     Does my pet sleep extensively and become agitated when disturbed?
  •     Is my pet eating less, or no longer showing interest in food or toys?
  •     Does my pet show signs of weight loss such as ribs showing, or loss of muscle mass?
  •     Has my pet's coat become dull and matted?

If you see any of these signs, a thorough veterinary physical exam provides for informed choices and options:

1. Simple Treatment: There are truly some amazing advances in pain management and disease control that can be performed to prolong your time with your pet and make them more comfortable.
2. Advanced Treatment: More aggressive surgeries and treatments are available. We will refer you to a capable, compassionate veterinary hospital for further care.
3. Euthanasia: This process occurs at your home where you and your pet feel most comfortable. It involves giving your pet two injections; the first one being a sedative that alleviates any pain, discomfort, fear, or anxiety that your pet may have. The second injection causes your pet to fall into a deep sleep to the point where all functions cease. Your pet will appear to have fallen asleep.

The most important thing a veterinarian can provide is information to help you decide whether the options available to prolong your pet's life will provide real relief and chances of significant improvement.

Other Important Points:

We believe in making your last moments with your pet as pain free and stress free as possible, especially for your pet.  In home euthanasia is always attended by the veterinarian and an assistant to perform all tasks so you can concentrate on your pet.  Further, at the completion of the procedure we would never think of asking you to help us carry your pet's body to our vehicle and would never want to leave you with a visual of your pet being placed in a car trunk or pick up bed.  We bring our fully equipped mobile hospital to your home and when the time is right, we gently place your pet on a stretcher or in a basket, cover them and respectfully place them in the clinic for transport and transfer to the cremation facility.  You do not have to be present during this process.  We can let ourselves out of your home and quietly and professionally drive away.

Pet Euthanasia Forms:
These forms below can be downloaded, printed and filled out ahead of time if you wish. This is not a requirement.  We always have a set of forms we bring with us.

Pet Euthanasia Consent

Aftercare Arrangements

Euthanasia Service Fees (Does not include cremation/aftercare fees):

 0-20 pounds  $270 + House Call Fee ($50-$145)
 21-50 pounds  $320 + House Call Fee ($50-$145)
 51-100 pounds  $370 + House Call Fee ($50-$145)
101-140 pounds $420 + House Call Fee ($50-$145)
141-200 pounds $470 + House Call Fee ($50-$145)
>200 Quote

cat sympathy.jpg

Please note above cost includes home visits and euthanasia only.  It does not include after hours fees, cremation services or aftercare. After hour fees are $145-$195

We require a physical examination and consultation if you are not one of our current clients.  The fee for this is $95

We offer Cremation Services through Peaceful Paws Pet Cremations and Memorials because they are the most reputable company providing this service.  We are aware of other pet cremation companies in North San Diego County, but prefer the honest, ethical and compassionate approach Peaceful Paws provides.

If you choose not to have us perform aftercare and cremation services, we will leave your pet's body with you.  Please be aware that there may be regulations and laws regarding burial of a pet's body.

Private Cremation

Your pet's body will be separately cremated and the ashes returned to you in a keepsake cedar urn along with a clay pawprint. We personally deliver the ashes directly to you within 14-18 days.                                                              

0-20 lbs $270
21-50 lbs $320
51-100 lbs $370
101-140 lbs $420
141-200 lbs $470
>200 lbs quote

Communal Cremation

Also referred to as "General" or "Group" cremation.  Your pet's body will be handled in the same manner as in the private cremation right up to the cremation process.  The Communal Cremation means that your pet will be cremated along with other pets and that the ashes will not be returned to you.  The cost is, of course, less than the private cremation.  The ashes will be spread at sea.

 0-20 lbs  $130
 21-50 lbs  $170
 51-100 lbs  $210
 101-140 lbs  $250
141-200 lbs $290
>200 quote

Other Services

Honor your pet's memory with a Clay Paw Print.  Onepaw_print.jpg clay paw print is included in private cremations courtesy of Peaceful Paws.  Additional paw prints are available for $60.00.  If you would like a clay paw print with the communal cremation, just let us know.  $60.00

Custom Urns are available though Peaceful Paws OnlineStore.  Please click here to go to their store.


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